The carbon surgeon



Repair :
    » Carbon repair.

      » Specialist Precision Painting
      » Picking / Scouring
      » Personalized painting
      » Airbrush
      » Bike, motorcycle, Industrial parts.

NEW: From April to September, carbon repair WITHOUT cosmetic, 48h service. Extra $100,00 +tx.

Exor peinture specializes in the paint finishing of high-end bicycles, motorcycles and various industrial parts, as well as carbon repair.

Whether you wish to correct small or large imperfections resulting from the active life of your bicycle or motorcycle, or to completely change its aesthetics, Exor staff rises to the challenge with gusto. Bring your own design ideas or let the EXOR experts create a unique design for you: the result is guaranteed!

Please note that for the painting of bicycle frame, we don't disassemble any bike. Please bring the frame and fork only.

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